KISS 2024

1 - 4 July 2024 / KINTEX 2, KOREA



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Personal Policy

Visitor agrees that the personal data provided for registration may be included in the Organizer's database and used by the Organizer for promotional purposes.
[Personal Information Collection/ Purpose of the usage]
  • 1. The organizer of the exhibition, uses the visitor’s personal information only for exhibition promotion & invitation.
  • 2. In case of scanning bar-code on your name tag when you visit exhibition booth, your personal information is considered to agree to use of marketing purpose.
  • 3. The collected information might be provided to the AKEI(Association of Korea Exhibition Industry) for the verification of the exhibitions objectively, and will not be used for any other purposes.
  • 4. The personal information provided for pre-registration will be used during ‘KISS 2024 online exhibition’(~7months) for providing marketing(newsletter, online seminar inform, etc.), business matching, and other services.
[Personal Information Collecting Items]
  • - Required items: Name, Position, Company, Country, Address, E-mail
  • - Optional items: Department, Tel, Fax, Website, Mobile Phone
[Treatment on Personal Information/ Business Commitment]
  • Organizer provides better service for the customers’ amicable practice by managing the personal information through SYSFORU, the operator of exhibition registration system.
  • Organizer manages the personal information based on the personal information protection law, by keeping the secret, restriction on the third sharing, responsibility on any accident, and consign period.
[Possession and usage period of the personal information]
  • The personal information will be terminated right after achieving its purpose.