KISS 2019

1(Mon.)-4(Thu.) July 2019 / Hall C, Coex, Seoul, Korea

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Company Description

Since its foundation in 1970, Yuhan-Kimberly has contributed to the development of the national hygiene culture by introducing toilet paper, diapers and sanitary napkins. In addition, Yuhan-Kimberly presented the blueprint for new growth and the practice of sustainable social responsibility management with the motto of "Faith for a Better life". In Yuhan-Kimberly Professional Business, the motto is ´To promote healthier, safer and better productivity´, it is optimized for worker´s safety and productivity through industrial products represented by KleenGuard / WypAll / Kimtech.

Exhibit (Product) Description

In this exhibition, we would like to introduce new products such as KleenGuard* NBR gloves and Protective Apparels that can be used in various industries, WypAll* UCTAD Wiper with differentiated fabrics, and KIMTECH Scientific products that are worn to protect highly clean room processes.

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